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Gilded Pink Rim Coupe Glasses


Fulfilled by our friends at The Wine Savant

  • These elegant glasses invite you to try the fairest martinis, with hand-applied gold swirls that bring an extra touch of style to your favorite drinks. The stemware features a traditional cocktail glass shape, making it ideal for all occasions.
  • A subtle gilding adds a hint of elegance and traditional style, and the tapered bowls and stem make this 7oz drinkware set ideal for sipping drinks like martinis and cocktails. The pink hue color will lend a little bit of excitement to even the most simple of drinks, making this set perfect for your drinking experience!
  • Made for mixing up classic cocktails with style, this set of two martini glasses are rimmed in gold with a pinkish tone and add a touch of glamour to your table settings!
  • Turn your party into an event with our exclusive martini glasses.Bring some class to your cocktail hour with these rimmed martini glasses. The gold plating is topped off by an elegant pink gloss, making the these glasses perfect for any occasion.
  • A sophisticated collectible for your liquor cabinet, Gilded Pink Rim martini glasses are handcrafted with borosilicate glass and are 100% lead-free! Classic in form and brilliant in color, these Gilded Pink Rim martini glasses make a stunning addition to an entertaining ensemble.
  • Serving the perfect martini is all in the details. Measures 6" in height and 5.25" in diameter. So create an iconic cocktail with these Gilded Pink Rim martini glasses, crafted in durable glass to honor the classic pink-rimmed cocktail. Perfect for bridal showers, weddings, or hosting your own cocktail hour, these are a must-have for any home bar.

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